Šekler: ‘We need to vaccinate over 4 million people to reach herd immunity’

“If we manage to vaccinate over 4 million people in Serbia in the coming months, then the herd immunity will be strong enough to return to normal life,” virologist and microbiologist from the Veterinary Institute in Kraljevo, Milanko Šekler, told RTS.

According to him, “the reason why young people are shunning vaccines is the wrong message that has been sent to them over the past year, namely that they are less at risk. However, now even younger people are getting sick and have a more serious clinical picture, which is why we need to encourage them to seriously contemplate inoculation,” Šekler said.

The research conducted on the effect of vaccines in Kragujevac is very important and the conclusion is that all vaccines used in Serbia protect effectively.

Some vaccines create protection faster and others slower, so those people who have received one of the vaccines that produce antibodies more slowly can be infected if exposed to the virus.

“I must say that although Pfizer and Sputnik are more effective, their side effects are more frequent, while there are almost no side effects of Sinofarm vaccine.  Each vaccine has its advantages and disadvantages,” Šekler concluded.

(Nova, 21.04.2021)




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