Second set of government’s measures to help companies excludes large enterprises

Unlike the first set of measures, when all companies were entitled to all or half of the minimum wage, the second set of state support will only be directed to a part, albeit a fundamental one, of the economy – micro and SMEs.

This time around, large companies, which had received the three disbursements of 15,000 dinars for each employee, will not be the recipients of the state aid.

According to the Accounting Law, which has been in force since 1 January 2020, the size of a company is determined on the basis of the average number of employees, business income and the value of total assets.

Therefore, all companies that do not exceed the threshold values of two of the following criteria are classified as micro-enterprises – the average number of employees does not exceed 10, the business income is less than €700,000 annually and the total asset value is €350,000.

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Companies that meet two of the following criteria – the average number of employees is 50, the annual business income is €8 million and the value of total assets is €4 million – are considered small and else eligible for the state aid from the second set of measures.

Medium-sized enterprises employ up to 250 workers, have an annual income of up to €40 million and the value of total assets is €20 million.

Companies that exceed the aforementioned criteria are considered large and are not eligible for state aid.

Micro and SMEs can count on further state support from 10 August, when they should receive the first tranche of financial aid, while the second tranche should be paid in September, announced the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali.

(Srbija Danas, 26.07.2020)



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