Second moratorium on loan payments worth a billion euro

82% of citizens and 69% of businesses have used the option of the moratorium on repayment of their loans second time around. The total value of the second moratorium amounts to almost one billion euro,  says the Association of Serbian Banks (UBS).

This share of companies that used this option is higher among micro and small entities (71% and 62%, respectively), while in the segment of medium-size and large enterprises, half of them have decided to continue paying their loans obligations.

Half of the mortgage beneficiaries opted for the moratorium, while 84% of cash credit, credit cards and account overdraft users have decided to postpone the payment of financial obligations towards their banks.

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“Small and micro businesses have been more exposed to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and we can also see that the percentage of people and businesses who opted for the moratorium is higher among those who borrowed smaller amounts of money,” said Vladimir Vasic, Secretary-General of the UBS.

The first moratorium on payment of loans was implemented in March. The total value of the March moratorium and the latest one stands at almost 3 billion euro.

Also, as help to businesses during the pandemic, loans approved via the government’s guarantee scheme amounted to another 2 billion euro.

(Nova Ekonomija, 21.08.2020)


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