Second community fridge for hungry people installed in Zemun

A second community refrigerator for the hungry in Serbia has been installed in Zemun, at the entrance to Zemun Park, with the aim of reducing food waste and providing food for those who cannot afford it.

Tamara Stojković, the co-founder of the Community Refridgerator project, told Tanjug news agency, says:” The first refrigerator of this kind, provided by the Common Change organization, was installed in Dorćol, Belgrade, at 18, Studentski Trg, more than a year ago. People can leave factory-packaged and hermetically sealed food with a valid expiration date, soft drinks, daily necessities such as flour, cooking oil and sugar, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge”.

“The Red Cross Zemun gave us space to put the fridge which is located at 2, Gradski Park, at the entrance to Zemun Park, and it is regularly replenished by the Belgrade Food Bank. The initiative has received the support of a large number of organizations and individuals, and there are many who are interested in its further development,” said Stojković.

She adds that the plan is to expand the project to every municipality in Belgrade, the first of which will be Rakovica.

“We would like to invite citizens to join us and help make the second Community Refrigerator in Serbia a fantastic success like the previous one, which provided thousands of meals to the most vulnerable citizens last year,” Stojković appealed.

(RTV, 15.03.2023)

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