SDS, PSG and Nova Stranka to participate together in election

The Social Democratic Party (SDS), the Free Citizens’ Movement (Pokret slobodnih građana – PSG) and the New Party (Nova Stranka) will participate in local elections together on 21 June in the municipality of Vracar in Belgrade. Their coalition will be called “Oslobodimo Vracar” (Free Vracar).

Tadic, who is the head of the SDS, said at the press conference that he will continue to speak with other local communities.

According to him, the SDS has decided to boycott the state election in order to delegitimise this system of government, but at the same time, it does not want to boycott local elections because this would also boycott the citizens.

He also said that parliamentary elections are not decisive in terms of who is going to be the ruling authority in Serbia, but rather presidential election is.

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“In our document, “Agreement with the people”, we did not say that we would not go to the local elections,” said Tadic.

Aris Movsesijan of Nova Stranka said that the opposition is becoming smaller and more divided and that that must be stopped.

“Let our coalition be the seed for new changes in Serbia,” said Movsesijan.

Pavle Grbović of the PSG said that he expects a first small victory on 21 June, which represents the consolidation of opposition parties.

Asked whether the PSG and Nova Stranka will also go to the state elections together, Movsesijan said that they have not reached an agreement and will run on two different lists, although that might not be the case in other municipalities.

(Blic, 27.05.2020)

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