Scott and Chepurin comment on Djuric’s arrest

The US Ambassador to Serbia, Kyle Scott, says that today’s events in Kosovo are a big step back for Serbia, while the Russian Ambassador, Alexander Chepurin conveys Russia’s outrage by Pristina’s brutal provocation.

The director of Serbia’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric was arrested and subsequently expelled from Kosovo after a hearing in front of the judge in Pristina.

“Today’s events in Mitrovica represent a big step backward. I hope that calm reasoning will prevail, allowing the situation to quiet down. There is no alternative to dialogue and peaceful coexistence of all peoples in the Balkans”, the US Ambassador to Serbia, Kyle Scott said on his Twitter account. The Russian Ambassador, Alexander Chepurin also tweeted about Djuric’s arrest and said:”We are shocked by the brutal provocation of Pristine and we are in complete solidarity with Marko Djuric and Serbia”.

The Serbian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Ivica Dacic has convened all the accredited ambassadors in Serbia of the countries, as well as international organizations in the country such as the European Union, the United Nations, the OSCE and NATO to discuss the violence perpetrated against the Serbian government’s delegation.

The head of the Serbian List (comprised of Serbian political parties in Kosovo), Goran Rakic ​​comments: “It makes no sense to have a dialogue in these circumstances, when you go against unarmed people with loaded guns, when the spoken word is muffled with rifles and boot soles, while institutional violence against citizens is perpetrated”, said Rakic.

(Danas, 27.03.2018)

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