Scorchingly hot weather coming to Serbia

The end of pleasant temperatures in Serbia is fast approaching, and according to meteorologists, a heat wave with temperatures above 35° Celsius is expected from Wednesday, while by the end of next week, temperatures will reach 40°C without a drop of rain.

Meteorologist Đorđe Đurić says that, for now, a colder northern current prevails over Serbia.

“From Wednesday, however, temperatures will start to rise in the entire country, due to a hot air mass coming from the southwest, and the weather will be clear and dry. As early as Wednesday, the maximum temperature in Serbia will be between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius, in Belgrade, up to 34 degrees,” says Đorđe Đurić.

It will be even warmer from Thursday, with maximum temperatures of over 35°, and, according to current forecasts, up to 40° are expected in some parts of Serbia by the end of next week.

As far as precipitation is concerned, very dry and rainless weather is expected to last until the end of July.

(Srbija Danas, 17.07.2022)



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