Science and Technology Park opened in Novi Sad

The Science and Technology Park was inaugurated in Novi Sad yesterday, and contracts were awarded to the first 20 institutes, companies and firms that will work there.

The inauguration was attended by the Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, and the Prime Minister of the Province, Igor Mirović.

It was also announced that the construction of the BioSense Institute facility will be completed within a year. Vučević underlined that this project is for the future of Serbia and announced that the city of Novi Sad and the province will invest 300 million dinars by the end of the year in the construction of roads and infrastructure.

“We will improve the environment around the Park and the city will also monitor the construction of the BioSense Institute in terms of infrastructure for which 230 million dinars have been allocated,” Vučević said.

Ana Brnabić described the Science and Technology Park as a factory of knowledge and added values that are important for the whole of Serbia.

“The 1,000 best engineers in Serbia will be working here and I am looking forward to the first results of the companies that will operate in the Park. We have achieved the ambitious goals we set ourselves. We have doubled the number of employees in the IT sector to 40,000, and net exports in the IT sector will generate 1.2 billion euros this year. This gives us the right to set a new target, so that by 2025, total exports in this sector will amount to four billion euros. Also, in a year’s time, the BioSense Institute will be opened as a European centre of excellence in digital agriculture,” the PM said.

(, 12.12.2021)


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