School Board of Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary fired

The entire school board of Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School has been replaced.

A temporary management body consisting of five members was appointed, and has held one session so far.

The Ministry of Education ordered inspectors to carry out the inspection of the school on May 22. On May 29, the inspection was completed and the inspectors proposed that the school director Snežana Knežević, who had been in that position since 2005, should be relieved of her duties, as well as the entire School Board.

The inspection also ordered that disciplinary proceedings be carried out against the school’s psychologist and secretary, which means that they will be suspended until further notice.

Acting Minister of Education Đorđe Milićević reminded that there is a government working group that was formed only to deal with the Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School and that the Prime Minister heads that group.

About 140 eighth graders graduated from the Vladislav Ribnikar school this year, who, like their peers from other elementary schools throughout Serbia, were required to pass the junior high school graduation exam in order to be able to receive a diploma and enroll in a high school.

After the tragedy that happened in the school on May 3rd, when a seventh-grader committed a mass murder, the Ministry of Education considered all the possibilities of supporting the eighth-graders of this school during the transition from elementary to high school education. In agreement with the parents of the eighth-grade students, it was decided that incentive points will be awarded to the young graduates at the upcoming enrollment to soften the trauma they have all experienced.

(Politika, 28.06.2023)

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