Schodder: Sustainable flow of migrants to Serbia

UNHCR Representative in Serbia Hans Friedrich Schodder said Monday he did not expect an increase in the number of migrants.

According to him, “the current number of 4,000 in Serbia is sustainable.”

Asked to comment on an announcement that Hungary will build a new wall because it expects a higher influx of migrants, Schodder said that around 200 migrants enter Serbia daily and that he does not expect an increase in the number of migrants. 

The UNHCR supports planning by competent authorities for unexpected situations, he told journalists at the Krnjaca Asylum Centre, where three reconstructed buildings were opened on Monday. 

He added that closure of the borders is not a solution and that an international solidarity system is needed which will allow the refugees to move legally and settle and that every EU country should accept a given number of the migrants.

(B92, 30.08.2016)

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