Scams associated with online shopping on a rise in Serbia

Online shopping in Serbia has experienced a boom in the last year and a half, although the growing number of online sellers has also led to an increase in those who do not operate legally and cheat customers.

Most of these sell products through social networks, mainly Facebook and Instagram. Based on consumer reports, the National Consumer Protection Organisation  (NOPS) has published a blacklist of those working illegally.

The list currently includes 418 Facebook and Instagram sellers who are not registered for commercial activities, have committed various violations or do not operate in accordance with the E-Commerce Law.

Since the beginning of 2021, NOPS has received around 400 complaints of fraud relating to shopping on social networks. Marko Grabić from NOPS advises shoppers to buy only through registered merchants, to buy legally and to beware of fraudulent sellers.

“Customers should check whether the page from which they are ordering the goods has all the required data – that is PIB number (tax code), company location, the name of the seller’s representative and identification number. They should also be reassured that they have purchased safely, that the law is enforced and in case of any problems, they will be protected by it,” Grabić underlines.

He explained that in the event of the seller sending the wrong, defective or other product, the customer has the right to file a complaint within 14 days in order to replace it.

On its website, NOPS has a list of fraudulent sellers who mainly sell via Facebook and Instagram.

(Kurir, 06.10.2021)


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