Sberbank to seize Jamnica’s assets in Slovenia and Serbia?

The soft drinks producer, Jamnica, which operates under Agrokor, has announced that Sberbank’s branch in Ljubljana, Slovenia, had filed two lawsuits against the company in Slovenia and Serbia over a 3.3 million EUR loan that Jamnica was a guarantor of.

Also, the bank’s Zagreb office also filed a lawsuit against Jamnica in the Belgrade Commercial Court over 34.5 million EUR loan which payment the company had guaranteed.

Sberbank is seeking foreclosure on shares which the soft-drinks company holds in Belgrade-based MG Mivela Company, and Jamnica Mineralna Voda, based in Ljubljana. Jamnica has served as a guarantor on a number of loans granted to its parent company, Agrokor, which is in a huge financial crisis.

There are also reports that Sberbank Ljubljana has requested the issuance of an interim measure on prohibiting the sale of the mentioned business shares. However, Agrokor claims that its management has not received any letters from Sberbank regarding the procedure, and that they will take necessary steps if or when such letter is received.

Agrokor’s management did confirm that Sberbank Ljubljana and Sberbank Zagreb have launched proceedings in Serbia against the soft-drinks producer, given the company’s share in the Serbian company MG Mivela. They have also filed a lawsuit against Konzum regarding the share that that company has in the IDEA supermarket chain.

(eKapija, 15.08.2017)


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