Savamala scandal: Interior Ministry completes investigation

The Interior Ministry said on Wednesday that it had completed the investigation into the Savamala case, and sent a report to the prosecutor’s office.

The police did not release any details of this report, because the case in the pre-trial stage, Tanjug has reported.

“The Police Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has submitted to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade a report regarding all requests of the prosecutor’s office in connection with the case of the demolition of illegally built structures in Hercegovacka Street,” a statement said. 

In the night between April 24 and 25, persons wearing masks used bulldozers to demolished several buildings this street, in Belgrade’s Savamala district, located near the Belgrade Waterfront construction site. 

The masked persons mistreated citizens, tied them up and seized their mobile phones. Citizens called the police, but they did not arrive. The investigation of the case has since stalled. 

Then Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said in June 2016 that “the highest authorities in Belgrade” were on the case, while Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali’s former wife Marija Mali said in a recent interview for the KRIK NGO that the mayor had organized the demolition. 

Vucic said in mid-February that it would be “very difficult for Mali to remain in office for long” – but that he would not participate in “campaigns and harangues… we will do this when we think it’s time for it.” 

There have been announcements for several months that Mali would step down, but it still remains unknown when that might actually happen. 

Speaking on Thursday, Mali said he would “certainly not remain mayor forever,” and, commenting on MUP’s report, described it “as a step forward” and added that he expected “some of the journalists” to apologize if his name is not mentioned in the document.

(B92, 15.06.2017)


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