First verdict in Savamala case: Milenijum Tim found guilty

The Commercial Court in Belgrade has ruled in the proceedings against the Milenijum Tim Company on the account of demolishing buildings in 4, Hercegovacka Street in the Savamala district in the night between 24th and 25th April, 2016. The court found the company guilty as charged.

“This verdict is encouraging and shows that there are still judges who adhere to law in their work”, said for the N1 TV Vladimir Markovic, Director of the Transport Peroni Company, which owned one of the demolished buildings in Savamala.

“This is the first instance verdict, but we are encouraged by the fact that no matter the circumstances and the pressure from the current government there are judges who honourably perform their duties in accordance with the law and the rules of their profession,” said Marković for TV N1.

Milenijum Tim is a company that is engaged in the Belgrade Waterfront project. The owners of the demolished buildings have also sued the City of Belgrade on the account of breach of possession.

It’s been a year since buildings in Hercegovacka Street were demolished and the prosecution office is yet to charge someone for it. It was Milenijum Tim that cleared the grounds after the main demolition in August and September last year. While clearing the grounds, the company also demolished the remaining three buildings that survived the earlier demolition.

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