Sava Center sold for 15.8% of its real value

Miroslav Mišković’s company, Delta Holding is the new owner of Sava Center.

The sale of the largest congress center in Serbia and one of the symbols of Belgrade, completed via a public tender, was successful in the third attempt. Delta was the only bidder and bought the establishment for 17.5 million euro.

Nikola Jovanović, from the Center for Local Administration, states that, according to an estimate from 2016, Sava Center was worth just over 108 million euro, adding that it is incredible that, in only four years, its price degraded to only 15.8% of its real value.

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“According to the official report of the Municipal Office that conducts these evaluations, four years ago Sava Center was worth exactly 108,160,981.17 euro, with the price covering the building, land, equipment, inventory and goods. If we exclude the value of stocks, equipment and goods, the value of the building and land alone (now sold to Delta) was determined at 106,972,100 euro. It is amazing that in only four years, the price of the Sava Center building was reduced to only 15.8% of its real value,” Jovanovic warns.

(Nova, 12.11.2020)


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