Sasa Jankovic’s top man leaves the Movement of Free Citizens

Srdjan Skoro, one of the top officials from Sasa Jankovic’s party Movement of Free Citizens of Serbia, has resigned from his position as a member of the party’s presidency, and has publicly released a letter in which he heavily criticizes Sasa Jankovic and his wife Slavica.

Apart from Skoro, one of the founders of the Movement of Free Citizens of Serbia, academic Dusan Teodorovic has also released a letter explaining the reasons why he left the movement, while supporting Skoro’s decision and being very critical of Sasa Jankovic too.

In his resignation letter, Skoro writes: “We are not a movement of free citizens by any means, because the Jankovic family runs the movement”.

“The Movement is totally disorganized. Everything that we had worked hard for in the movement is now falling apart overnight. Sasa Jankovic is giving statements left and right about the upcoming elections without ever consulting the movement or its presidency”, Skoro writes.

He also claims that it is Sasa and Slavica Jankovic that make all the decisions which are changed daily, and that the Movement members find out about these decisions only from the media.

“I have tried to reason with Slavica Jankovic that she should not be the one to decide about everything. That did not help. Of course, I have tried talking to Sasa Jankovic on several occasions, but that did not help either. I voiced my concerns in front of the movement’s presidency, and yet there is no record of that in the minutes of our meetings. A new team is now running the movement, and everybody else is excluded from decision making. There is a lot of gossiping and snitching going on regularly. Snitchers fare the best in the party. Sycophants do too”, Skoro says and adds that the Jankovic family now very much resembles Mira Markovic and Slobodan Milosevic in their iron-fist rule over the Movement of Free Citizens.

“Any criticism is perceived as an attack on the Jankovic family”, Skoro says.

(Blic, 21.11.2017)


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