Sasa Jankovic to completely withdraw from politics

“I am going to withdraw from the position of President of the Movement of Free Citizens (MFC) and Civilian Bloc 381 and from active political life”, said today the president of MFC, Sasa Jankovic.

He pointed out that he did so because, as he said, he would did not want to cause division among the people who all want to the dangerous and criminalized regime in power.

“Serbia is our homeland, and I will not be an obstacle to accomplishing the most important goal. I want to be crystal clear: I think that replacing one mistake with another, albeit with a smaller one, does not make right. This has been happening for the past 30 years and the result is the life that we live today. My sense of responsibility and honesty tell me to withdraw,” said Jankovic.

He added that the political ideas behind the MFC and the Civilian Bloc would result in better Serbia and that he felt guilty about the lack of results.

“I feel responsible for the lack of results, because our programme, values ​​and a different way of understanding politics did not get a momentum despite huge work done and the sacrifices of brilliant people around me. Serbia is still spinning in circles”, Jankovic explained.

Stating that it is difficult to be rational in the time of all human values ​​of civil society have been trampled on, Jankovic has estimated that it is even harder to look normal in Serbian politics, where nothing is the way it seems to be.

“I have no dilemma whether the goals we have set are valuable and will continue to fight for them as an ordinary member of the Movement of Free Citizens and in other ways,” Jankovic said.

(Novi Magazin, 17.12.2018)


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