Sasa Jankovic receives death threats

Former presidential candidate Sasa Jankovic, who placed second in the April 2 election, announced on Facebook that he received a death threat in the mail.

Jankovic posted a photograph of the letter he received from an unknown sender, that reads as follows:

“What’s the matter faggot? You’re still here scum! Where’s your pistol? You still tweeting and walking the dog? Who are you protecting and what are you doing here you affairmonger. And you want to be a candidate for the president of Serbia. Won’t work! Get lost while you’re still in one piece so you don’t end up in a dump! You scoundrel.”

A cutout from the Vecernje Novosti newspaper with Jankovic’s picture and a target drawn across his head was also sent in the same envelope.

“Direct consequences of Aleksandar Vucic’s propaganda. No, I did not take it to the police. I know that dr (“doctor” – an apparent disparaging reference to Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic) would determine that the man was joking. They kid around with many people,” Jankovic wrote.

(B92, 20.04.2017)


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