Sasa Ilic winner of NIN’s Novel of the Year Award

Sasa Ilic and his book “Pas i kontrabas” (“The Dog and the Double Bass”), published by Orfelin, is the winner of the 66th NIN Novel of the Year Award, the jury announced today.

This year’s shortlisted novels include: Milenko Bodirogic’s “Through the Woods and the Mountains” (publisher Orfelin), Slobodan Tisma’s “The Terror or …” (publisher The Magic Book), Steva Grabovac’s “Mulat albino Mosquito” (publisher Imprimatur), Ana Vuckovic’s “Yugoslavia” (publisher Partisan Book“) and Sasa Ilic’s ”The Dog and the Double Bass“ (publisher Orfelin).

The jury members included Marija Nenezic, Branko Kukic, Ivan Milenkovic, Marjan Cakarevic and Teofil Pancic, as the head of the jury.

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Ahead of announcing the winner of this year’s award, a group of writers sent a public letter asking their publishers to “no longer run for the NIN Award” and called for the “boycott” of the award, as they said, claiming that the jury was made of “professionally and morally incompetent people”.

The signatories of this letter include last year’s winner of the NIN Award, Vladimir Tabasevic, for his novel “The Delusions of Saint Sebastian”, Emir Kusturica, Vladimir Kecmanovic, as well as academician Miro Vuksanovic, who won the 2005 award for the novel “Semolj Land”.

(Vecernje Novosti, 20.01.2020)

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