Sarcevic: Only 5% of parents opted for online classes

More than 50 per cent of schools in Serbia have completed surveys in which parents had to choose whether their children will physically go to school from September 1 or will attend online classes.

This was stated today by the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mladen Sarcevic, who also added that less than five per cent of parents chose online classes for their children.

Sarcevic also said that 75% of all online classes have already been pre-recorded.

“Online classes are recorded in languages of eight national minorities, and that is something that no country has done. We have recorded the entire curriculum for elementary schools, high schools and general vocational subjects, that is, 15 professional work segments,” the minister said.

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Commenting on claims that the coronavirus will appear in schools as soon as the school year starts, he said that epidemiologists ordered that children should also wear masks, but that wearing gloves is not obligatory.

The minister also said that parents must also be included in prevention by measuring their children’s body temperature before going to school.

He added that the classes have been shortened to 30 minutes and that the curriculum that is not covered in those 30 minutes can be done online.

Sarcevic concluded that the Ministry will send out a list of instructions to schools tomorrow and that the first class at the beginning of school year should be dedicated to talking about the epidemic.

(B92, 20.02.2020)

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