Šapić:”The new intercity bus station in Belgrade will be finished in a couple of months”

“The Belgrade Bus Station (BAS) Company has accepted the mutual termination of the contract, which means that the city government is taking over and that the new intercity bus station will be finished a coupled months because we think that’s in the best interest of all Belgrade residents,” said Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Šapić.

According to a press release from the city administration, Šapić specified that the Belgrade government will reimburse the BAS Company all the money it had spent on constructing the new station over the past four and a half years, even though, as he said, the station was not completed through no fault of their own, as the city of Belgrade ceded the land and built the access roads.

“We will add more money to the project because we think it is in the best interest of the Belgrade citizens to have a bus station as soon as possible, but also because we want to show that we care about the 700 employees engaged in the construction. Once the bus station is finished, all the responsibility for the further functioning of the BAS Company falls on the shoulders of the company’s majority owners and management. We will finish the construction of the intercity bus station in a couple of months and find a company that will run it,” the mayor concluded.

(Nova, 21.07.2022)





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