Šapić:”Parents of elementary and high-school students to be given 20,000 dinars”

Outgoing Belgrade mayor, Aleksandar Šapić, confirmed today that parents of all elementary and high school students will receive 20,000 dinars each in September and that admission to city swimming pools will be free this summer as well.

At the press conference, he reminded that elementary and high school students received free textbooks last year and that this year, parents will be paid 20,000 dinars for each student in their family, as part of the student aid to parents programme.

He added that registration for that financial aid will begin in schools on April 22 and will last until the end of August, and that the money will be paid out in September. He went on to say that the measure also includes private school students.

As for the acquisition of new trams in Belgrade, Šapić rejected the allegations of the opposition parties and civil associations about the cost of the purchase of trams, and assessed them as the product of ignorance. He said that the price of trams will be much lower than previously indicated by the opposition parties. To remind, the head of the Belgrade branch of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Mila Popović, said that the opposition parties found out that the price of one tram would be over 2.2 million euros or 67 percent more than the price that the Rome authorities paid for one CAF tram, with five-year-maintenance costs included.

Director of the Local Self-Government Centre, Nikola Jovanović, previously said that the Belgrade public transport company had launched a tender for the purchase of 25 new trams, and that the estimated value of the purchase of these trams was scandalously high, about 780 million dinars per tram.

(Beta, 16.04.2024)


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