Šapić plans to replace directors of 14 public enterprises in Belgrade

The Belgrade Mayor, Aleksandar Šapić, plans to replace the directors of 14 public companies in the capital city, and this could happen at the session of the City Assembly on August 18, Nova.rs reported today.

Nova also reports that the 14 public companies and public utility companies include Infostan, Infostani i Informacione Tehnologije, Zelenilo, Javna Rasveta, Gradsko Saobraćajno, Vodovod i Kanalizacija, Veletržnica, Gradski Zavod za Veštačenje, Pijaca Beograd, Beogradska Toplana, Urbanistički Zavod, Putevi Beograd, Beograd Put and Direkcija za Građevinsko Zemljište i Izgradnju Beograda.

Some of the reasons for this change are due to the fact that the directors of the companies Beogradske Toplane and Vodovod i Kanalizacija had refused to write off the debt of 150 million dinars and 80 million dinars respectively, to the April 11 Sports Centre in Novi Beograd which was built while Šapić was the head of the Novi Beograd municipality. Also, the sports centre is used by the Novi Beograd water polo club of which Šapić is one of the founders.

According to Nova, Aleksandar Janjić is a new candidate for the director of Javno Stambeno and Milan Vranić for Beogradske Toplane.

“One of the key problems in Aleksandar Šapić choosing adequate people for the positions of new directors lies in the fact that all the executives he wants to replace were chosen via a valid hiring process. The relevant regulation says that the director of a public company can be replaced only for reasons stated in articles 46 to 50 of the Law on Public Enterprises. That is why Šapić is asking the Serbian Progressive Party (SPS) to exert pressure on the directors to resign themselves,” writes Nova.rs.

(Novi Magazin, 05.06.2022)



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