Same price for less product

It has become usual practice at shops that we are paying the same price for less product.

A 100-gr-chocolate does not exist anymore and it now weighs 75, 80 or 90 grams, but we are still paying the same price as if we are buying a 100-gram one.

President of the Forum Consumer Protection Organization from Nis, Jovan Jovanovic says that although the displayed weight product might be correct, the price is not.

“It’s true that the weight of products has been reduced, and this is especially noticeable in chocolate. You might think that you are buying a chocolate that weighs 100gr, but in all actuality, you are buying the one that weighs 80 or 90 grams. It’s a trick used by manufacturers to attract customers – at first glance, chocolate looks like weighing 100 grams, but when you look better, you see that there is a lower weight and the price does not correspond to the reduction in weight. In this way, customers are paying an unrealistic price. Same is applied to quite a few products are reduced – retailers reduce the price just a fraction, visually everything looks the same, but the consumer gets much less. On the other hand, based on consumers’ remarks, some shops extend the shelf life of a product by simply sticking another label over the existing one which shows that the product has actually expired. This is really unacceptable”,  Jovanovic says for the Blic daily.

Biljana Ljubisavljević says she has noticed that the prices of certain products have been reduced, but the same happened with the weight of sold chocolates, soups and laundry detergents.

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“This is most noticeable in chocolate. As soon as I see that the price of chocolate is under 100 dinars, I know that they have reduced the weight. If you want a 100 gram chocolate, pay attention. As far as laundry detergents are concerned, it seems that you cannot find a 2kg packaging anywhere anymore. The weight of instant soups has also been reduced. Back in the day, one sachet of soup could fill four plates, now sometimes there isn’t enough to fill three”, she adds.

Yogurt now weighs 20gr less

Gorica Zdravković says that she noticed that dairy products also weigh less now. For instance, the weight of yogurt is reduced from 200ml to 180ml, and puddings have been reduced from 40 grams to 38.

“It looks standard at first glance, but when you look at the weight, you see it is reduced. What I noticed is that the biscuits used to came in a kilogramme packaging, but now they come in 800 gram or even 600 grams. In the past, it was more cost-effective to buy a 10kg packaging of laundry detergent the package of powder for 10kg was more profitable, and now the other way around”, explains Gorica.

(Kamatica, 11.12.2018)


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