Salary as the most important criteria for young people when applying for a job

Research carried out by the youth organisation KOMS shows that salary is the most important factor for young people when applying for a job, which is why many do not hesitate to ask for a higher salary at the first job interview.

The majority of young people, almost 50%, believe that they need to earn between 80,000 and 100,000 dinars to lead a decent life.

The same amount or even more is earned only by 7.2 per cent of them, while 58.4 per cent have no income at all, according to the Alternative Report on the Position and Needs of Young People in Serbia for 2021. According to data from KOMS, an umbrella association of 106 youth associations, one in ten young people earns less than the minimum wage.

12.8 per cent of the survey respondents receive more than the minimum wage but less than 50,000 dinars and only 1 per cent believe that this is a sufficient salary for a decent life. 11.9% of young people receive up to 30,000 dinars, while 20.8% think that between 50,000 to 80,000 dinars are enough to cover their needs.

A very small number of young people would be satisfied with a salary of less than 65,000 dinars, and most of them consider a salary of between 65,000 and 100,000 dinars sufficient for a decent life.

According to data from the State Statistical Office, the average salary in Serbia in June 2021 was 65,070 dinars. The minimum wage in Serbia is currently slightly above 32,000 dinars and approximately 350,000 people earn that much a month.

(Danas, 28.09.2021)


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