Salaries of computer programmers in Serbia doubled in one year

According to unofficial data, salaries of computer programmers in Serbia, doubled in the space of only one year, says Nevenka Rangelov from Startit.

In a statement for Prva TV, Rangelov says that the information is based on unofficial data, and that according to the data that Startit has been collating since last year, the average monthly salary of software developers in Serbia was 1,500 euro.

“For senior developers, salaries could exceed 4,000 euro, and their salaries here are equal to those of their counterparts working in Berlin which is fantastic when comparing the standard of living. Considering how high salaries in the Serbian IT industry are, people who work in IT could have a quite high living standard,” Rangelov added.

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She goes on to say that that’s one of the reasons that can motivate people to remain working in the country.

“We hope that they will launch their companies and create their own products, which would further contribute to exports and the growth of the entire economy,” she concludes.

(Nova Ekonomija, 13.12.2018)



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