Salaries in the public sector 20% higher than in the private sector

The implementation of the pay grade system in the public sector has been announced for 2021, which means that the minimum monthly salary will be multiplied by different coefficients for each job.

If the health crisis does not delay the adjustment of salaries in the public sector again, this adjustment will affect more than 450,000 employees of institutions, state bodies, public bodies, schools and hospitals. This practically means that for the same type of work a driver would receive the same pay regardless of whether they work in a ministry, a municipality, a school or a state agency.

Wages in the public sector are on average about 20% higher than in the private sector, and in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year, they grew by 10%.

The average salary in public companies in the first quarter of this year was 72,383 dinars, in the public sector 66,936 dinars, while in the public administration 65,194. The average salary of teachers who are college graduates amounts to 46,574 dinars, while the salary of teachers who are university graduates amounts to 59,000 dinars.

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The salaries of employees in municipalities vary considerably and the more developed the municipality, the higher the salaries.

According to the collated data, the head of the Novi Beograd municipality has a salary of 123,000 dinars, their associates with a university degree 47,180 dinars and a senior assistant 36,000 dinars. The mayor of Subotica would earn 110,000 dinars a month, their associates 49,629 and an assistant 32,000 dinars. In Knjaževac, the mayor has a salary of 97,752 dinars and an assistant of 39,161 dinars. In Trstenik, the mayor receives 91,186 dinars a month, while their assistants 30,565 and the associates 37,353 dinars.

In Ćuprija, Vranje, Paraćin, Topola and Novi Pazar, a municipal employee with a high school diploma receives a minimum of about 35,000-40,000 dinars, depending on the length of service, while an employee with a university diploma earns between 55,000 and 60,000 dinars.

(Politika, 28.09.2020)


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