Salaries in public sector to go up between 8% and 15% in November

Public sector wages will go up between 8 and 15 per cent from November this year, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced today.

She told a news conference at that, according to today’s decision made by the Serbian government, nurses and medical technicians will get the largest increase of 15 per cent, while doctors will get 10 per cent.

People working in scientific and cultural institutions will get a raise of 10 per cent while the education sector, judicial staff, prosecutors and social workers will get 9 per cent and state administration 8 per cent.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that the salary increase would not have been possible without the fiscal consolidation measures which were imposed in 2014 and without the financial discipline.

Brnabic also said that all pensioners will get a one-off payment of 5,000 Dinars as of December 1 with a pension raise planned for January 1, 2020, of at least 5 per cent.

An economy expert warned that the raise was not realistic, adding that public sector salaries should not grow faster than the economy.

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Economy professor Sasa Randjelovic commented that the salary hike was not economically justified. He believes the decision to raise public sector salaries is politically motivated because the rise in average salaries is high on the list of priorities of the government’s economic policy.

The International Monetary Fund is due to give its opinion on the government decision to raise salaries on October 3.

At the press conference, the PM also said that she would not that meet the request of a group of students who have been blocking the Belgrade University Rectorate and have been demanding the dismissal of Finance Minister Sinisa Mali pending a decision on whether his doctorate was plagiarized.

She added that she did not want to live in a country where 15 to 20 people were allowed to block an institution by “covering video surveillance cameras and seizing the janitor’s keys.”

“In my mind, I consider that anarchy, but, regardless, we will not breach the autonomy of the University,” the Prime Minister said.

She added that she was trying to ensure that everyone had equal rights, but that, due to a handful of people blocking the Rectorate, the University employees could not go to work and they were not able to service 100,000 students.

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