Salaries in public sector go up again

Starting this month, salaries of civil servants will go up by 12.5 percent, which means that the average salary in the public sector will be increased by almost 10,000 dinars and will amount to about 87,500 dinars.

Military personnel are the only exception to this rule as their salaries will go up by 25 percent.

The teacher’s salary is currently around 80,000 dinars, and from January it will be around 90,000 dinars. The basic salary of doctors in local health centres was about 96,000 dinars, and after the increase it will be 108,000 dinars.

The average salary in the state administration, in the first ten months of last year, was 85,514 dinars, and from this year, it will be 96,203 dinars. The average salary in public enterprises in the first ten months of last year was 88,022 dinars, and from January, it will be 99,000 dinars.

The Fiscal Council assesses that the increase in public sector wages is in line with the new, improved fiscal rules. The sharp increase in inflation in 2022 resulted in lower public sector wages in real terms.

(Politika, 02.01.2023)

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