Salaries and work availability highest in Belgrade

According to data from the analysis on regional economic asymmetry for the second quarter of 2020, compiled by the State Statistical Office, the highest salaries in Serbia are recorded in Belgrade and are 124% of the national average.

The capital also has the highest employment rate, 7% above the national average, although it does not rank first for exports.

The analysis estimates that uneven economic growth in Serbia in recent decades has contributed to the increase in existing territorial inequalities.

In terms of net wages, Belgrade has the highest while the lowest are recorded in Šumadija and Western Serbia. The average net salary in the first six months of this year in the Belgrade region was 73,277 dinars, 124% of the national average (59,222 dinars).

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The average salary in Vojvodina was 95% of the national average and amounted to 56,285 dinars. Employees in the regions of southern and eastern Serbia, as well as in Šumadija and Western Serbia, received about 87% of the national average.

The unemployment rate in Belgrade in the first half of this year was the lowest in the country, 6.6%, i.e. 22% below the national average. At the same time, in the regions of southern and eastern Serbia, the unemployment rate was 11% which is 29% higher than the Serbian average of 8.5%.

Belgrade also leads in terms of employment rate, which is 51.7% in the capital, 7% above the Serbian average. The lowest rate was recorded in the region of southern and eastern Serbia: 45.2% or 6.9% below the national average.

Unlike other indicators, Belgrade does not occupy the first place when it comes to total exports, where its share is 26%.

This is explained by the fact that the Belgrade economy is dominated by tertiary activities, which mostly affect the national market and not the international one.

(Mondo, 22.09.2020)

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