Saint Sava Temple sells 20,000-dinar-bags on its site

The official website of Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade started selling leather bags from the Mozaik collection costing pricey 20,500 dinars.

As soon as this information came to the light and spread on social media, numerous comments appeared, with most people being outraged.

On the one hand, some point out that there is nothing strange in this because both in Serbia and all over the world, churches and temples have their own shops with various goods. However, others point out that this has gone too far, mainly because of the prices, noting that some designer bags cost less.

The St Sava Temple website has more products on offer. For example, one can buy a tie for 10,000 dinars, a small scarf for 9,700 dinars or a larger one for 14,000 dinars, cognac for 2,800 dinars, and a diary inspired by the Temple’s mosaic, costing 8,000 dinars.

Recently, the Temple announced that it would start charging entry to the Temple for organised groups with accompanying tour guides which caused more outrage.

(Nova, 04.10.2022)

Photo credits: TANJUG/ SAVA RADOVANOVIC/Screenshot/Twitter/@DaZivimSan


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