Safest countries for walking at night – Serbia in the middle of the list

Croatia is the second safest European country for walking at night, writes, based on statistics from

Countries are ranked according to how safe they are for people walking alone in the streets at night, and the data is based on statistics on how safe people feel during such walks.

Croatia received a score of 77.4, ranking second on the list, just behind Slovenia, which is the safest European country for walking at night. Slovenia got 78.4 points and Slovenia and Croatia are the only countries with more than 75 points, writes

Switzerland is in third place with 74.2 points, followed by Iceland and the Czech Republic. Serbia is in the top part of the list with 64.3 points, while Portugal, Spain and Romania have a similar percentage. Montenegro has 62.9 points, Bosnia and Herzegovina 57.5 and Albania 52.1.

France has 40.3 points, Germany 56.4, Great Britain 44.4, Turkey 51.1, Russia 50.1, Poland 57.4 and Greece 49.3 points. At the bottom is the country that scored far fewer points than all the others – Belarus – with only 32.3 points. In second place, with fewer points, is France, and in third place Moldova.

(Blic, 06.12.2021)

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