Ryanair to fly from Niš to Malta – WizzAir to fly from Niš to Malmo four times a week

Passengers, who so far could fly to Malta only from Belgrade or Sofia, were thrilled by the recent news from the low-cost airline Ryanair.

Thanks to Ryanair, they will be now able to fly to Malta from Constantine the Great airport in Niš from November 8th, 2019 with tickets already available for booking and purchase.

The flight from Niš will depart at 7:25 pm, and the arrival time to the Niš airport a bit earlier, at 7 pm, the Airport said.

“This is the validation that Ryanair is satisfied with the cooperation with the airport”, said the Niš Airport director, Dušan Knežević.

This is Ryanair`s fifth air route to Malta, in addition to Berlin, Bratislava, Milan and Stockholm. The director of Niš airport also said that another low-cost airline – WizzAir – will have four flights a week to Malmö, instead of two, starting April next year. 

(Južne Vesti, 23.08.2019)




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