Ryanair suspends Nis-Dusseldorft flight

The low-cost airline Ryanair will discontinue its Nis-Dusseldorf service on 31st March 2019.

After Hungary’s Wizz Air stopped flying from Nis to Malmo, another air service is now being discontinued at the Constantine the Great Airport. After two years, beginning with April 2019, travellers will no longer be able to fly from Nis to Dusseldorf, Juzne Vesti reports.

The Irish airliner first reduced the number of flights to Dusseldorf over a month ago by adopting the decision to have only one flight a week during the winter season, although the initial plan was to have two flights. According to earlier plans, the bi-weekly arrangement was supposed to be re-established in April, but Ryanair said that the Dusseldorf air service would be discontinued following March 31, 2019.

Passengers can use flights from Nis to Berlin, Bratislava, Milan or Stockholm at discount prices at Ryanair.com, the company says.

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Ryanair has not specified whether the problem is the number of passengers or something else but said that the decision to launch or discontinue a flight was a “legitimate right of any airline” and that airports have no effect on such decision.

The Nis Airport has also been asked about the cancellation and is expected to respond soon.

The Serbian government took over the ownership and management of the airport in Nis in August this year, and since then, a new line has been introduced – from Nis to Vienna.

Nis Airport currently has 11 flights, but following the discontinuation of the Malmo and Düsseldorf services, this number will be reduced to nine.

(021.rs, 21.11.2018)



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