Ryanair resumes flights from Niš to Berlin

The biggest European low-cost airline, Ryanair, has resumed flights from Niš to Berlin, after a four-month break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Airports of Serbia Company announces.

The press release adds that Ryanair expects to reinstate the line from Serbia to Malta in mid-August, when the government in Valetta will lift the travel restrictions.

“The flight from Niš to Berlin is Ryanair’s first flight from Serbia in the 2020 summer season,” says Olga Pavlonka, a Ryanair representative.

Ryanair appeals to the passengers to comply with the recommended prevention measures and to get detailed information from the relevant services about the manner and the conditions of traveling to Germany before travelling to the country.

The sector manager at Niš Constantine the Great Airport, Dušan Knežević, said that the company was looking forward to Ryanair’s return to Niš, because it increased the number of destinations that are now connected to Niš Airport.

“In addition to the flight to Berlin, we expect to gradually reinstate flights to destinations to which Ryanair flew from Niš before the pandemic, and we also expect new ones to be introduced,” Knežević said.

To celebrate the resumption of flights from Niš, Ryanair has launched a discount campaign for one-way tickets until October 2020, which must be booked by Wednesday, August 5, on the airline’s official website.

(N1, 01.08.2020)




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