New Ryanair carry-on luggage rules applied also in Serbia

Ireland’s low-cost airliner, Ryanair will start implementing new rules regarding carry-on luggage as of Monday, 15th January.

The controversial policy was to have kicked in last November, but was delayed “to allow customers more time to adjust to the changes”.

From January 15, only customers who pay Ryanair’s 5 EUR Priority Boarding fee (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be permitted to bring two carry-on bags onto the aircraft.  Priority Boarding can be purchased for just 5 EUR at the time of booking or added to a booking for 6 EUR up to two hours (on and 30 minutes (on Ryanair app) prior to scheduled departure time.

All “non-priority” customers must check their bigger (up to 10kg) pieces of hand baggage into the hold at boarding gates, the airline says. These customers will still be able to carry one smaller piece of hand luggage – such as laptops and handbags – on board for free, however.

The changes are being introduced to reduce boarding delays and squabbles over overhead bin space. “There is not enough overhead cabin space for this volume of carry-on bags, which is causing boarding/flight delays,” the airline says.

The new policy also sees check-in bag allowances increased from 15kg to 20kg for all bags.

(Blic, Ryanair’s website, 08.01.2018)



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