Ruzic: New measures against school bullying by 20th December

The new working group formed by the Ministry of Education for the prevention and suppression of school violence will be formed today.

The group is given a deadline by December 20 to identify shortcomings and propose changes in the current practice against school bullying.

The goal is not to circumvent cases of school violence in practice, but consistently apply the existing protocols, to clarify the rules if there are doubts, to redefine both the regulations and the penal policy, to look for solutions rather than justifications, for society to get serious when it comes to tackling the bullying, and also to talk more and improve the status of teachers – all this so that violent behaviour can be curbed and rooted out in the future in the school premises.

Schools, as a rule, report only the most drastic cases of violence to the line ministry. 850 of these were reported in the 2019/20 school year and 410 in the 2020/21 school year, when teaching was mostly carried out remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. A total of 710 cases of school violence were reported during the last school year 2021/22, while from September of this year to date, 265 cases of school bullying were reported to the Ministry.

Courts have confirmed that the number of requests to initiate misdemeanour proceedings and determine the responsibility of parents for violence committed by students at school is negligible. According to the data of the Misdemeanor Court in Belgrade, only three such misdemeanour charges were filed in the last three years. Although schools are required under the Law on Education to file such charges, generally they do not do this. Even when they do file them, they do not do it properly and they do not act within the stipulated time.

(Politika, 29.11.2022)

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