Russia’s Yandex Taxi comes to Belgrade

Yandex.Taxi, the biggest Russian online taxi ordering service, has arrived to Belgrade.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, and Serbia is the 11th country and the first one in Central Europe to which the Russian IT giant has arrived. Before it was launched, detailed maps of Belgrade and the support for the Serbian language were added to the app.

As Yandex says, the ordering does not require providing an address. Instead, it is enough to launch the app, which detects the user’s location and directs the car towards the address. The Yandex.Taxi app’s algorithms take into account the distance and potential traffic jams, finding the driver capable of reaching the user in the shortest amount of time.

“The taxi market in Serbia is already formed and the tariff is the same for all companies. This is why we’ve decided for our comparative advantages to be quality of service, modern app design and smart technologies”, Musheg Saakyan, International Development Director at Yandex.Taxi, says and adds that “taxi drivers spend a lot less time waiting for customers, meaning that they can earn more”.

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Thanks to the new maps of Belgrade, the app can determine the price of the ride with great accuracy, and in allocating rides, the app also takes into account the driver’s rating, based on user ratings and the statistics of completed drives.

Yandex.Taxi underlines that they do not cooperate with drivers directly, but only with official associations authorized to transport passengers. In Belgrade, they have over 600 vehicles from partner associations.

Dejan Jefim, Manager of Yandex.Taxi for Serbia and Central Europe, says that “Serbia is becoming an interesting country for international business players”. “That is why Yandex.Taxi has decided to invest money and technology in Central Europe”, Jefim adds.

“Before we launched the app, we made a new map of Belgrade in agreement with the Government of Serbia. No country in which Yandex operates has such a detailed map – not even Slovenia, where I come from. But Yandex.Taxi has even bigger plans”, Jefim points out.

(N1, eKapija, 05.06.2018)

Photo credits: Reuters / Gleb Garanich

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