Russian supermarket chain Svetofor to open its first store in Serbia on Feb 26

Following the MERE supermarket chain opening their first store Serbia, their sister company, Svetofor, is to arrive in Serbia as well.

The Russian commerce group, Torgservis, soon plans to bring its other retail chain to Serbia, which will operate under the Svetofor brand. The first stores will open in Subotica and Krusevac on February 26.

Their sister company MERE started expanding in the Serbian market in late 2020 by opening its first discount store in Batajnica.

The first facility of this Russian group spans a thousand square meters and offers a range of foodstuffs, home maintenance products, garments, footwear, products for children… The second MERE store is to open in Vrsac on February 26, and the next in Kraljevo.

In the upcoming years, the Russian company plans to expand in Austria, Italy, the USA and Greece. Torgservis already operates in Germany, Romania, Poland and Russia, where it is currently the biggest discount store chain.

(Retail Serbia, 21.02.2021)


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