Russian RZD to acquire a Serbian railway company

The Russian company, RZD International, which is a subsidiary of the Russian Railways, plans to acquire over a 50% share in a Serbian company that is engaged in modernization of transport infrastructure by the end of June 2017 – the company’s vice president, Alexander Misharin announces.

He, however, did not specifically state which company would be acquired. „We have approved of the acquisition, and we are buying over 50% of the company“, Misharin said for the Russian newswire TASS.

Since March 2014, RZD International has been involved in construction and revitalization of the railway infrastructure in Serbia which is being funded with the money from an 800-million-USD loan that the Russian government approved to the Serbian Railways.

In April 2017, RZD International completed the reconstruction of the Vinarci-Djordjevo railway in Serbia which is the last of the six segments of the Corridor 10 that the company had been working on. The Corridor 10 connects Salzburg to Thessaloniki via Zagreb, Belgrade and Skopje. The revitalized railway and higher train speed will result in a much faster flow of goods through our country. RZD International had worked on a 112-km-long segment on the Corridor 10.

In November last year, Mischarin said for TASS that the Russian Railways were interested in taking over railway companies in Greece, Serbia and Germany.

(Blic, 11.05.2017)

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