Russian right-wing paramilitary organization ‘Wagner’ opened a branch in Serbia?

The news that the infamous Russian paramilitary organization Wagner” allegedly opened its branch in Serbia went somewhat unnoticed, just as the activities of this underground group imply.

The news was released by Wagner itself, on their Telegram channel, announcing that another obscure organization called Orli is their subsidiary in our country. Wagner added that the organization’s key task is “to deal with Russian liberals in Serbia”.

The information has not been confirmed, and apart from the fact that Orli or Orlovi existed before, one more thing is certain – Wagner may not have properly registered a branch in Serbia, but it has very clear goals and interests here.

The recent visit of Damnjan Knežević, the leader of Narodne Patrole, another right-wing organization, to the headquarters of the infamous organization headed by the very influential Yevgeny Prigozhin, nicknamed Putin’s Chef, proves that the connection between the Serbian ultra-right organizations and Wagner exists.

However, what is the specific mission of Wagner in Serbia? Analysts warn that there are at least two of them – destabilizing Serbia by constantly portraying our country and people as someone who is a friend of Russia and who supports aggression against Ukraine and controlling the Russian population in our country, which has already grown to 150,000.

Wagner’s members are known to the Serbian public as mercenaries who have been fighting in Ukraine for years and whose members included Serbs, mostly of ultra-rightist persuasion.

“We are in a hurry to introduce you to the new resident of the PMC Wagner Centre – ANO Russian-Serbian Cultural and Information Center of Friendship and Cooperation called Orli. Alexander Lisov is the Centre’s ideological force and leader”, Wagner.

Lisov and the aforementioned Damnjan Knežević visited the Wagner Military Technology Centre in St. Petersburg last week.

(Blic, 09.12.2022)

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