Russian nationals have opened around 300 companies in Serbia since the war in Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine, 323 companies, which founders are Russian nationals, have been registered in Serbia, reports the VOICE website.

This number of registered companies represents about 25% of the total number of all active legal entities which have been established by Russian nationals, the article states. It adds that in March alone, 9 companies were established per day on average; 27 were founded on April 1 and most of them on March 25, which is a total of 51.

“More than half of these newly formed companies, or 169 of them, are engaged in IT. 246 are based in Belgrade and 48 in Novi Sad,” writes VOICE.

According to the article, 62 companies are registered at the same address – 1, Danilo Lekić Španac Street in Novi Beograd.

60 companies do software development and 22 were founded on the same day, March 25.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24.

(Danas, 02.04.2022)


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