Russian investors in Boljevac: Construction of wind farm delayed

Investors from Russia have bought 100 hectares of land in the Boljevac area and set aside more then EUR 100 million for the construction of a wind farm in the said municipality, but the job has not yet started as EPS has not built a substation the Russians might use to connect to the local power system and start generating electricity.

The head of the Municipality of Boljevac, Nebojsa Marjanovic, confirmed this for Novosti.

– The test have shown that, thanks to a favorable wind rose, a cost-effective wind farm might be built in the Boljevac area. The construction of a 100-MW wind farm is planned, but the works are yet to start. The reason is that a substation between Boljevac and Sokobanja, where the Russians might connect to our power system, has not yet been built.

Marjanovic notes that he expect the substation to be built fairly soon, so that the Russians might start implementing the investment, which would provide revenue for the municipal budget in the region of a million euros a year.

Six years ago, the Italian company Bondcom Green Energy from Modena was authorized to build a wind farm in the said municipality, but failed to do so, as it turned out that dealers had bought out the land in the targeted location and asked for an amount far above the market value.

Dissatisfied with this, the Italian company withdrew and the Russian investors bought the land, performed all the studies and acquired the permits.

(eKapija, 07.09.2017)


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