Russian discount retail chain MERE to open three stores in Serbia in a month

The Russian discount store chain Svetofor, known in Europe under the MERE brand, will launch its operations in the Serbian market in under a month by opening three stores.

The first three outlets – in Batajnica, Krusevac and Subotica – are already getting ready to open to shoppers in mid-January, followed by Kraljevo and Vrsac in February. A total of 15 stores will have been opened in Serbia by late April or early May.

Serbia Commerce Minister Tatjana Matic said that the line ministry had received confirmation from the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation about the opening of these stores.

Mladen Alfirovic of the National Organization of Consumers of Serbia, points out that their organization strongly supports the arrival of competition in the retail sector. He adds that that’s good news for the shoppers because it ensures better shopping conditions in the sense of the better quality of goods and more affordable prices.

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As announced in mid-August this Russian company’s subsidiary in Belgrade, MERE plans to open at least 100 stores, spanning 1,000 square metres each on average, in Serbia. MERE said that their prices would be at least  20% lower than the competition’s and that they planned to work directly with the producers, with strong quality control and a low trade margin.

When MERE entered the German market in January 2019, the demand was so strong that they sold out all their stock within the first week, forcing them to temporarily close the store in Leipzig.

(Blic, 15.12.2020)



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