Russian Company Crown Group Invests 8M Euro in Zrenjanin

The city of Zrenjanin has confirmed that representatives of the Russian corporation Crown Group signed the acquisition contract for land located in the industrial zone of the city in Zrenjanin yesterday.

The Russian company Crown Group, which produces dairy products, plans to invest 8 million Euro in the food sector. Crown Group plans to produce product for export. Since the project involves the food industry, the plan will also involve the city of Zrenjanin’s agricultural industry because the prime materials will be acquired via cooperatives, announced the city of Zrenjanin on their website

The acquisition contracts for the land in Zrenjanin’s industrial zone were signed by representatives of a local business, Ekometal-komerc, and Gomex. As was previously announced, Ekometal-komerc, which buys and stores waste, owned thirty-two hectares of land zoned for construction on which the motor vehicle disassembly structure will be built. The structure will also have storage space and space for storing non-iron metals.

Gomex needs new land in Zrenjanin’s industrial zone in order to expand its retail sales network. Zrenjanin mayor Cedomir Janjic told journalists that an additional three investors are expected to sign the agreement for the sale of land in the next few days

(eKapija,  28.04.2015)

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