Russian company abandons its investment in Vranje, 400 workers now jobless

A Russian investor has shut down a furniture factory in southern Serbia, leaving some 400 people jobless, the Juzne Vesti news portal reported on Thursday.

Aleksandar Komarov, the owner of the Spilit furniture factory in the town of Vranje, left Serbia during the weekend, shutting down the plant on Wednesday. Employees were told that they were on collective leave with no explanation for the closure of the factory.  

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Juzne Vesti said there was no sign of the owner and his associates. No official statement has been made about the reasons why the investor left and the plant employees, production managers and local officials said there was no indication that the factory would be shut down. Spilit’s staff said they were paid decent wages and were only owed last month’s salary.  

The portal also said it was told by an unnamed source in the local authorities that something similar was happening in the northern town of Sombor where the owners of Spilit have another factory.  

The Russian investor initially employed 130 people when he came to Vranje with the number rising to 1,000 over a period of several years. Komarov’s factory was housed in production halls owned by the Yumco textile company and had plans to move it to the nearby Bunusevac industrial zone, where it was going to build a 30,000-square-metre factory.

(N1, 23.05.2019)




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