Russian and Serbian presidents as Santa Clauses

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone yesterday with seven-year-old David Shmelev from the Stavropol Territory, to fulfill the dream that little boy put on the Christmas “Wishing Tree”.

The seven-year-old wanted to visit the military academy of the Armed Forces of Russia. His wish came true and while in Moscow, he also visited the Moskvarium water world.

The Wishing Tree campaign coincides with the New Year’s and Christmas holidays and this year is taking place for the fifth time. Its goal is to provide joy and New Year’s magic to children who find themselves in a difficult life situation, writes TASS.

Russian President also spoke on the phone with eight-year-old Agata Baylkova from the Kurgan region, whose dream is to see the northern lights and ride reindeer.

On the phone, the head of state inquired about how the family lives in general, what the living conditions are like and whether everything is fine at work with Agatha’s mother.

“We have an apartment,” Sofia confirmed. Putin was allegedly interested in how many rooms they had in their apartment. Three bedroom? “You have so many children, it’s not enough in my opinion,” he said. “Yes, we are tight for space but we’re not complaining,” answered the woman. “Okay, we’ll talk about that a little later. I will ask my assistants and they will do something about it. At the end of the day, you have such a big team, four grown-up children,” Putin said.

Arctic holidays were organized for Agatha and her family from December 30 to January 4. The program included crossing the Arctic Circle and watching cartoons, as well as a visit to the Gornoknyazevsk natural and ethno complex, with a ride on an all-terrain vehicle with Santa Claus.

To the west of Russia, in brotherly Serbia, “the little Putin”, as some call him, will spend Christmas with Serbian children.

Aleksandar Vučić, unlike Putin, will not fulfil the big wishes of children but will distribute small gifts to children. On Christmas Day, he will meet with the Serbian children who live in Slovenia but are visiting Belgrade for the Christmas holidays, the President’s press office announced today.

The reception is organized at 9 o’clock, and on this occasion, the president will talk to the children and give them Christmas gifts.

(Danas, 06.01.2023)

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