Russian ambassador: Russia might get involved in Kosovo issue

Russian Ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Chepurin said that it was possible that Russia would have a “deeper” involvement in the solution in the Kosovo problem, if such opportunity arises, and underlines that Moscow will be on Belgrade’s side and support the solution that Serbia and the Serbian people consider acceptable.

In an op-ed for the Belgrade newspaper Politika published on Tuesday – and penned on the occasion of Russia’s Statehood Day – Chepurin said that, in terms of Kosovo, Belgrade is about to face “the ultimatum from the traditional Serb-haters” – and that Russia has been and will be on the side of Serbia.

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“Our position remains unchanged – we will support that decision which Serbia and the Serb people will consider acceptable to themselves. We are proceeding from the Resolution (1244) of the (UN) Security Council forming the legal basis for an agreement,” the Russian ambassador to Serbia stated. 

He pointed out that parallels are being made unjustifiably between Kosovo and Crimea, because these are “two completely different stories” – since Crimea separated (from Ukraine) “in accordance with the UN Declaration of 1970.” 

“The Crime issue is definitely closed, Crimea is Russia, and Kosovo is Serbia. It’s not just a slogan, it’s the legal reality that must be respected,” Chepurin said. 

Speaking about the good relations between Russia and Serbia, he said they date back to the emergence of the Russian state in the 10th century, and added that they are now based on trust between the state leaders, economic ties, and the centuries-old cultural and spiritual unity.

“There aren’t many people in the world who are as close to us as the Serbian people,” the Russian ambassador said.

Nevertheless, he believes that Serbia and Russia have not reached the limit of opportunities in developing friendly relations.

“It is unlikely that the situation in the world will become more carefree, but many perspectives and opportunities are opening up before Russian-Serbian relations. We will try to achieve them together”,  Chepurin wrote.

Speaking about Russia’s goals, he said that Russia had a rather ambitious plan for internal development and that in the next six years, the country is planning to implement 12 national super-projects on a large scale.

These internal plans, the ambassador adds, are closely related to the leading role that Russia has in the modern world.

“Our country has been historically playing the role of a missing link. There is another similarity with Serbs – Serbia brings closer the west and the east of southern Europe, and Russia the whole of Europe and Asia”, concluded Ambassador Chepurin.

(Blic, 12.06.2018)


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