Russia, Germany and UK to send new ambassadors to Serbia

Some of the key world powers, especially those that have a lot of pull when it comes to resolving the Kosovo issue, will soon send new ambassadors to Belgrade.

The official Berlin has already announced that Thomas Schild will be its new diplomatic representative. Schild, who will replace Axel Dittmann at the helm of the German Embassy in Belgrade, comes from the German mission to the United Nations in New York.

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The British Ambassador Denis Keefe is also nearing the end of his term in the office, and his successor is expected to arrive in Serbia in the autumn.

Change is expected at the helm of the Russian Embassy too, after Alexander Chepurin has been leading the embassy for the past six years.

Chepurin will probably retire from the diplomatic work after leaving Belgrade, and the Kremlin could be appointing  Alexander Bocan Harchenko, an expert on Balkan affairs, as the new ambassador.

Harchenko is known in the Russian diplomacy as a problem-solving expert. He was Russia’s ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2009 to August 2014, and before that, Russia’s long-standing representative in the Contact Group and, along with US and EU diplomats, a representative in the mediation trio involved in resolving the status of Kosovo and Metohija. He was also a member of the Russian delegation in the Dayton peace talks and the peace conference on Bosnia and Herzegovina in Paris.

Berlin and London are also expected to appoint experienced career diplomats as new ambassadors in Serbia, bearing in mind that, in the coming period, the Kosovo issue and Serbia’s membership in the European Union will be considered the most important issues.

The Chinese Ambassador, Li Manchang is also nearing the end of his term in the office, but the diplomatic circles believe that Beijing is unlikely to make changes at the helm of its Embassy in Belgrade at the current time.

The official Bejing thinks that appointing a new ambassador would not be productive in the wake of the significant projects that China started both in Serbia and in Southeast Europe, bearing in mind that Manchang has done a great work and made a significant contribution to strengthening the ties between Belgrade and Beijing.

The Australian and Indian ambassadors to Serbia, Julia Finney and Narinder Chauhan respectively are also expected to leave the office.

(Kurir, 17.07.2018)



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