Ruma: Nepalese company invests in noodle production

A noodle factory will be opened in Ruma in February 2017, as the first European investment of the Nepalese company Cinnovation Group, which operates under Chaudhary Group.

The noodle production facility is being built in the Rumska Petlja Work Zone and will employ 409 workers in the first phase, and another 800 later on.

The factory is expected to be finished in late January 2016, when the first employees will be hired too.

– The entire Europe will be supplied with our Wai Wai noodle brand from Ruma. They are very popular throughout Asia and Africa at the moment, and with this ambitious project, they will soon become famous in Europe as well. After making the initial decision to open our first production facility in Europe, we chose the location of our factory very carefully – said the owner of the renowned Chaudhary Group, Binod Chaudhary, and added that “Serbia and Ruma have beaten many countries which were initially considered as the locations for the company’s factory.“

The Nepalese multi-millionaire underlined that the municipality of Ruma and the Government of Serbia had provided great support to his investment, which would also be greatly beneficial to farmers from Srem County, as local raw materials would be used in the production of noodles.

(eKapija, 30.12.2016)

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